Monday, August 9, 2010

Photovoltiaics = No Electrical Grid Attack 2U!

Photovoltaic cells,  two electric generators and 4 strong batteries gets your electric car charged Free.  Home and business too.  Also makes a lot of jobs for my Veteran friends who are thinking suicide.  

25 years ago I saw a photovoltaic cell about 1 foot sq. connected to a car battery that was sitting on the ground producing electric to a fence to keep horses in.

What if 5 bigger photovoltaic cells charged a battery that was used to operated a small electric generator?

Then that small generator charges a bigger battery that operates a larger electric generator.

Then put this idea on the towers that run along the RR tracks.

Also put this photovoltaic cell two generator idea on your property.  Get Free electric.

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This very simple idea will have a hard time getting started because the big companies will shoot down any idea using the words free electricI can see already the big rich boys (BP for example)  have infiltrated many investment web sites in order to stop PHOTOVOLTIAIC talk. 

I would like to invest in penny stock IPO’s that have this Photovoltaic FREE electric idea.  Does anyone know how to start an IPO in the penny stock market?

I’m now reading the book The Big Short by Michael Lewis and I think the very big subprime mortgage lenders will repackage these loans as Energy BondsLight Green for subprime energy bonds (penny stocks maybe), Green and Dark Green for less risky bonds.  

Just saying the words “credit default swap” makes me feel like a young vibrating virgin on her first sailor date!


Having our own free electric protects us from an electrical grid attack.

The production of the machines to produce the material to build these factories should be Nation wide as well as community wide.  No shiping of the jobs out of the country or states and communities.  All the answers are on the Internet.  Just do the search.  Search for help like I'm doing with this blog when needed.

If I new how to write better it would go faster, but for now reading, bloging and thinking keeps me away from suicide

This Free Electric would produce millions of jobs and start small businesses in this country.  Other countries could do the same because the main material is the Sun!

WE must stop depending to much on the government.  Remember we are the government.  The politicians work for us, NOT the other way around.